Happy HOLI 2021 Quotes, messages, wishes and Facebook and Whatsapp status

Happy Holi 2021 messages, Quotes, wishes for Facebook and Whatsapp status

Happiest Holi is one of the best and most comprehensive celebrations of unity and love spread. It is celebrated with much love in various states of the background of India. Happy Holi In 2021, the preparations have already started with a lot of noise in the people. This is the reason, and now you should also be ready for this.

Gulal is used in 2021 Holi. By the time the festival of Holi arrives, a little happy and warm winds start moving. Holi is the primary festival of India celebrated by the people of Hindu society. This festival provides love, pleasure, etc. In this festival, colorful colors are used to put happiness on each other and celebrate joy. Holi is a very famous festival in India. Smiles are everywhere in the cities, towns, and villages.

Happy Holi gif
Happy Holi gif
The festival of Holi, people celebrate Holi by eradicating all grief and embracing each other with gratitude and joy. In this festival, tomorrow is also called the day of submission and forgetting. In the coming time, we all will walk together, and this pledge is taken. We also hope that this Holi 2021 festival is topped by your enjoyment of all previous years.

#Holi date 2021

The date of celebrating the festival of Holi continuously from 1 year to another year and next year continues to increase according to the Hindu calendar. Holi is celebrated at the end of winter and the start of the summer season. The day after the full moon of March, during the eve of Holi, little Holi is celebrated to avoid evil spirits. Chhoti Holi is known as Holika Dahan. Holi will be celebrated on 29 March and Holika Dahan on 28 March in the year 2021.

holi greetings
holi greetings

.1Holika Dahan Timing According to Hindu texts, i.e., Purnima Tithi, after sunset on full moon day or any other time, the light and worship of Holika Dahan should be performed in a specific Awadh Muhurta. Performing Holika Dahan rituals during the right Muhurta is especially important, more ideal than any other Hindu festival ritual.

Happy holi 2021

!Holika Dahan should be done during the auspicious occasion of Pradosh Kaal when day and night meet. This time starts at sunset. However, it should not be started till the end of Bhadra Tithi. The right time for Holika Dahan in India varies depending on the location and time of sunset. Holika Dahan’s time is said to be between 6:47 pm and 9:11 pm by astrologers for 2021. The timings for Mumbai and Delhi have been reported between 6:52 to 8:52.

Happy Holi 2021 with wishes gif
!Happy Holi 2021 with wishes gif

Rang Panchami or Shimoga, Maharashtra In Maharashtra, Holi is popularly known as Shimga or Rang Panchami. Shimoga is the initiation of Holi celebrations that follow the same traditions of Holika Dahan in the north and is celebrated by burning a pyre made of firewood. Rang Panchami is the day when people indulge each other with dry and wet colors. In this part of the country, the celebration lasts as long as a week.

Special dishes of Holi tried in India are –

Here we have described some of the famous dishes of India. Some of the main dishes which are prepared after Holika Dahan are mentioned in the list below. People embrace these dishes on the day of Holi and invite them for the dishes. Which proves that there is welfare of the world only in loving feelings with each other.

holi 2021 gif
!holi 2021 gif
  1. Gujhiya
  2. fritters
  3. Curd vada
  4. Firni
  5. Papari chaat
  6. Chana Masala
  7. Sugar pare
  8. Rasmalai
  9. Malpua
  10. Coolness
  11. Barfi
  12. Rana Purana Poli
  13. Cannabis
  14. Gram flour papdi
  15. Salt mercury
  16. Kanji ki vade
  17. Peas pudding
  18. Kesari Malai Peda
  19. Saffron rice
  20. Kachori
  21. Lassi
  22. Masala Mathri


Here we have given s.m.s for you to wish you some beautiful Holi which you can send to your friends, relatives and your close ones using social media Facebook WhatsApp. Holi s.m.s given by us are the best s.m.s. is .

holi greetings
:holi greetings

Wishing you and your family a very bright and colorful Holi

I wish you all a very happy holi 2021, a very happy Holi

Holi of 2021 is full of love for all of you

happy holi 2021

happy holi greetings
@happy holi greetings

Brightly colored water balloons are delicious gujhiyas and excellent songs are the perfect ingredients for a perfect Holi.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi

All the colors of this festival can be copied in your life.

@happy holi 2021


Here we have given you a collection of some of the best Happy Holi 2021 Whatsapp s.m.s which you can easily send to your friends using WhatsApp and send them the best greetings of Happy Holi 2021.


We wish you a very happy heartfelt colorful Holi filled with sweet memories of some 2021 forever.


I hope this Holi of 2021 colors your heart and fills it with warmth and peace Happy Holi 2021 whatsapp whishes


Wishing you a colorful day and a colorful day with a positive mind and a happy feeling Happy Holi


1.May this Holi fill your life with many colors of happiness. Bring all the necessary enthusiasm for the adventures in your life. Happy Holi 2021 my dear.


“Wish you good health, love and prosperity in this Holi May God bless you on the auspicious occasion of Holi


May this Holi bring you happiness, prosperity and happiness. Wish you a very Happy Holi 2021


With the hope that your life is decorated with all the colors of the rainbow, I am sending you the colors full of happiness to you. Happy holi


Reach others with colors of happiness and spread happiness wherever you go on this Holi.

Happy Holi 2021 Message

This Holi, we hope that you are truly the best Holi ever. And we pray that your life never gets a touch of dull moment. We wish you all health and happiness and love. Some basic points that we need to keep in mind.

Do not force color on anyone. If someone shows indifference or reluctance, respect their choice. We believe, it is more fun when there is mutual agreement. Do not throw colors on stray dogs or any animals. It is not safe for them. On artificially manufactured products, try to choose natural colors. Do not waste

Try to be in groups or with people you know. Before going out, hydrate yourself well. Have a heavy breakfast. Try to oil your hair before you get out of the house.
It will help to remove the color later. There is no need to use rotten eggs or mud or any such thing. It is a festival of colors that symbolizes the victory of good over evil, so do not do evil. Do not drink and drive. Keep a number on speed dial in any emergency.

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