Best 51 Binod Meme and who is binod

Who is Vinod? And why social media is going viral.

You must have seen #binod on social media these days. After all, who is this and why is it trending on social media? Several types of meme, funny quotes, and funny videos on #binod on social media have gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. Not only this, big stars named #binod are also sharing meme on social media and also creating new accounts. The rapping King Badshah has also created a Twitter account called #binod on social media. You will not be able to stop laughing by watching meme, funny jokes, funny videos on social media. After all this, you must have come to the mind that after all #vinod is who and what is vinod. Today we will tell you why Binod is boming so viral on social. And you will also get Best 51 #binod Meme. Seeing whom you will not be able to stop your laughter.

Actually, a video was uploaded from its Youtube channel Slay Point where. In this YouTube channel, Abhyudaya and Gautami started with an old comment from the Bharti YouTube channel, the whole game was said to watch this comment. That is why a boy named Binod Tharu wrote only #Binod in the comment. However, there was nothing special about it. This is just the name. Like earlier there was a video trend of a tea seller or Priya Prakash. This #Binod special thing is that this time no one has a face in it. And no one saw the face of this name. Just one comment brought him into the trend. Which he did on a video.

Written in the comment section: –

A video was made about the comment of this binod. In which Abhyudaya and Gautami just told what kind of comments people do on YouTube channel. This video was made by a YouTube channel called Slay Point for a strange or meaningless comment. Binod Tharu wrote ‘Binod’ just and only in the comment section without saying anything about the video.

‘Binod’ started from here: –

In this video, someone said something to Vinod in a funny way, from which #binod started trending on social media slowly. Where jokes were being shared about Binod on Facebook and Twitter. That people are heartily writing ‘Binod‘ in the comment section by visiting YouTube.

#Binod Funny memes

Here we have brought to you the best funny memes which are becoming the most viral on the Internet. You will not be able to stop your Smile by seeing these meme. #binod most funny memes,

Hero Binod most funny meme

in addition to the appreciation for #binod let us not forget another hero, armaan, who has commented this on every tweet of ours for the last year.


i love you binod

jo larki mujhe i love you bolegi me usko #binod wala matter samjhaungaa pakka.


binod ini ko kehte hai
modi and vinod meme
who is binod
online saftey vinod meme
India vs pakistan vinod vinod meme
twitter binod meme
Daya who is Binod
spider man binod

Vinod is my name and I want to brand this name. Will someone tell me whether the name of Vinod has become a brand now? Now I can start a brand like Baba Ram Dev.

rula diya funny vinod meme
Cid Find Vinod
trending vinod Funny meme
Covid-19 se jiyada to fail raha hai Sale binod

Funny Jokes About Vinod

We have collected some best  funny jokes for you here, we hope. You will like the funny jokes meme Vinod.

question about Vinod in 3 ideot
trump and modi find vinod funny jokes memes
vinod jokes
lockdown With Vinod
funny vinod jokes meme
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#Vinod Funny Viral Videos

Here you Will find most funny videos on #vinod .

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