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Children’s day is a very important day in our life. Because this is the moment in everyone’s life. Which we ever lived in our life. That is why, on this day, we give our Happy Children’s Day wishes to our next generation on the morning of this day. On this day, every parent or teachers should give some special gift to their children, so that they can always remember this day in their life. Therefore, we have brought for you some Best quotes, best Wishes, and best images for our children, we have collected Happy children day, Best Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, SMS, Facebook & Whatsapp status from the best sources. We request all of your parents, teachers. Please grace us by sending our best specials to your children.

Happy children day Quotes

You won’t ever 💛stress much over anything if you let your in inner🧡 child guide you. Wish you Happy Children’s Day.

👨🏽‍🦱Children should be taught how to be a 👮🏽‍♀️good human being than how to be rich🧗🏽‍♂️.Hearty congratulations💝 to our dear children on the occasion 🕳💫of this day.

happy childre's day Quotes

⚡What is life without children;”
Like a world without the sun🌞, moon and stars🌟;”
💌Blessed are the ones who 💌have children💌,”
They are the 👦🏽little angels of God👦🏽,”
Happy Children’s Day,”

👦🏽On this day devoted entirely 👦🏽to you I want you to know that no words can 👦🏽describe how special you are to me. You are my happiness👨🏽 my sunshine 🌞and my love💖.”
Happy Children’s Day!

Children👧🏽 are budding stars
The more you embrace them🌞
🌈The more they shine.
Goodbless you My dear children

Let’s pledge this Children’s 👧🏽 Day to make this world a more beautiful 🌈and safer place 🌞for our little ones.

My sweet child👧🏽 you are my lifeline🌞, Even the thought of being without you sends 🌈shivers down my spine. Happy Children Day Dear

“We are the ones who teach you💦 math and science.🟡But we need to learn how to🛤 live life and how to laugh with all your 💖hearts from you.”

We may be your🚒 teachers but we also have a🟨 lot more things to learn from you especially how to🌞 laugh with all your hearts.

One hour with a🚲 child will teach you a lifetime🕗 worth of joy and innocence.

“Happy Children’s Day”

Happy children’s day quotes

Here we have collected 10 happy children’s day quotes for you, which you can send to your students and wish them. Send these happy children’s day quotes to your children with bright future wishes through Whatsapp or text messages.

🏝My dear child you 💥bring fun into my life.”
“But trust me my life has never been 🟨this eventful not even in my childhood.”
“Yes I have to🌞 clean up after you and be on guard🌞, always, but I love it.”

“Happy Children’s Day”

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Happy Childrens’ Day (Photo Courtesy: iStock Images)

“Children’s 💎are the future🧡. Nurture them right so 🎉that they grow up to be able leaders🏍 and lead the world🎵 towards light.”
Happy Children’s Day.”

“👨🏽Children are🚲 the future of our nation Lets join 💥our hands together🚻 for their welfare for better education and happy life.💱
“Wishing 💫all the kids a very🌐 happy children day.”

“If there will be no 🙈children🙉 the world would be devoid of all the sunshine love and laughter Children are the most precious🙊 gift God has given us We should guide protect and love them with all our heart. They are our greatest treasures.”

“Spend this day with your 😏little buddies🥱. Make a promise to bring joy in their life.”

😎Happy Children Day😎

“A child can always teach an 🤑adult three things🤗
to 😂be happy for no reason🎁
to be always 🥧busy with something and
know how to demand🍿with all his might what you want.”

🆎Never miss an opportunity to tell your child.💕 I love you. 💘

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😀Happiness is to remain as a child forever👌.🤦‍♂️A tension free life without much responsibilities 💻 A time when even a chocolate can bring smile in life 🍭Once you become old 🍠you will start missing your childhood days.🍋🍌 So enjoy these days to the fullest.💗👮🏽‍♀️Happy Children’s Day👧🏽

🤴🏽I would like to thank all the 👵🏽adorable kids of this world for making me smile simply by being their👩🏽‍🦲 innocent self. 🤴🏽
👧🏽”Happy Children’s Day”👧🏽

“Never stop giggling playing and dancing”
“it’s part of your childhood which will always be with you.”

Happy children’s day images

There are many happy children’s day images greetings for you. You can send your children on facebook, whatsapp and congratulate them on Happy Children’s Day. You don’t have to go anywhere anymore for happy children’s day images. Now you can wish them from here. happy kids day images with quotes or happy Children’s day images with quotes according to your convenience.

💌What is life without children? Like a world without the 🌞sun, moon and 🌟stars.👦🏽 Happy Children’s Day👦🏽!”

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👦🏽Children are like buds in a 👦🏽garden and should be 👦🏽carefully and lovingly💗 nurtured, as they are the future💻 of the nation 💗and the citizens of tomorrow🕗. Only through right education can a better 💎order of society be built up.

Jawaharlal Nehru
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💗There are only two 🎗lasting bequests💫 we can hope to give🍣 our children. One of these is 🥟roots🎀 the other wings🎁

Hodding Carter
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